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Cedar Creek Lifters Qualify for Regionals

Updated: Mar 8, 2021

Eight members of the Cedar Creek Eagles powerlifting team qualified for Regionals this year. To make Regionals, each lifter had to hit a qualifying weight or place in the top 12 in their region of Texas. Cedar Creek High School is in Region 2.

The three girls from Cedar Creek High School who qualified were: Kiara "Kiki" Rivera at 114 lbs, Ashlyn Hall at 123 lbs, and Isabel Martinez at 148 lbs. Regionals for the girls division will be on Mar. 6th in Elgin, Texas. Kiki Rivera:

Ashlynn Hall:

Isabel Martinez:

The five guys from Cedar Creek High School who qualified were: Matthew Sobeck at 114 lbs, Marco Portillo at 181 lbs, Jerry Torres at 220 lbs, William Rangel at 275 lbs, and Alex Handy at 275 lbs.

Junior Alex Handy and senior William Rangel ranked No. 1 and No. 2, respectively, in the 275-pound division in the region. Handy lifted 650, 290, and 575 for a PR total of 1,515 lbs. Rangel lifted 650, 305, and 485 for a PR total of 1,440 lbs.

Alex Handy:

In the 114-pound division, freshman Matthew Sobeck ranked No. 8 after lifts of 265, 115, and 260 for a PR of 640 lbs. Junior Jerry Torres ranked No. 8 in the 220-pound division with lifts of 575, 290, and 550 for a PR total of 1,410lbs. Senior Marco Portillo ranked No. 12 in the 181-pound division with lifts of 505, 275, and 435 for a PR total of 1,215 lbs.

Matthew Sobeck:

Marco Portillo:

Regionals for the boys division will take place Mar. 12th-13th at Cleburne High School.

We're so proud of our Eagles athletes and wish them good luck at Regionals!

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