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The Cedar Creek Athletic Booster Club values our volunteers. In fact, we couldn't do it without you! We are always welcoming new volunteers, especially to help in the concessions stand. We have four concessions stands: the indoor concessions stand at Cedar Creek High School, the outdoor concessions stand at Cedar Creek high School, and the two outdoor concessions stands (home and away sides) at Memorial Stadium. We typically run concessions at all home games for football, volleyball, basketball, baseball, softball, soccer, and track meets. We also need volunteers to help with other things, including fundraising, event planning, manning the merchandise booth, and board positions. If you are interested in becoming a volunteer, you can simply fill out the membership/volunteer form below.
Current Concessions Volunteer Opportunities
CCHS Varsity Football:
(Memorial Stadium)
Varsity Football vs. Elgin, 10/1/21
(home side concessions)
Varsity Football vs. Glenn, 10/22/21
(home side concessions)
Varsity Football vs. Bastrop, 11/5/21
(away side concessions)
CCHS JV/Freshmen Football:
(Outdoor Concessions Stand)
JV Football vs. Connally, 9/22/21
Freshmen Football vs. Elgin, 9/30/21
JV Football vs. East View, 10/7/21
JV Football vs. Rouse, 10/13/21
Freshmen Football vs. Glenn, 10/21/21
JV Football vs. Brenham, 10/28/21
Freshmen Football vs. Bastrop, 11/4/21
Volunteer with CCABC

CCHS Volleyball:
(Indoor Concessions Stand)
Volleyball vs. Manor, 9/24/21
Volleyball vs. Connally, 10/1/21
Volleyball vs. Elgin, 10/5/21
Volleyball vs. Bastrop, 10/12/21
Volleyball vs. Pflugerville, 10/15/21
Volleyball vs. Weiss, 10/22/21
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